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Put a smile on that face [mask]!

As we get through this pandemic, let us help you stay safe and stay smiling! 

Wearing a mask, constantly washing your hands, practicing social distancing will help us all flatten the curve! With the number of covid-19 patients still on the rise, we've got to think of our communities and how we can help. Masks are the first step to prevention, you're not only protecting yourself but also people you come in contact with. Wearing a mask shows kindness and your care for your community. 

But the one true problem of constantly having a face mask on is that it hides our smiles. We all know that something so simple like a smile can completely affect someone's day. But we found the solution!  

We have a growing collection of face masks that can be found here. However, our favorite one is of course our Custom Mouth Face Mask! Add your smile, your silliest face, or even a completely custom image or logo. 

    You'll get to show off your smile while also staying safe! Plus these custom masks have another benefit, on days when you feel like the world is working against you - your smile will still be shining for others to see :D Oh and did we mention they're washable?! 

    These masks were even loved by people like Keith Habersberger from the Try Guys, Arielle Vandenberg, Matt Cuttshall, and David Dobrik and Natalie from the vlog squad! We even made it to David's Tiktok:


    Im gonna have nightmares

    ♬ original sound - daviddobrik

    These fully customizable face masks come in three styles:

    1. A fabric mask with ear holes cut out.

    2. Your normal mask with ear loops around.

    3. A more comfortable mask with 2 stretchy loops wrapped around your head. 

    Along with these masks, you can find more designs and covid and corona related products HERE (a portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Direct Relief to support their efforts in providing aid during this time of crisis).

    However, if you'd like to make things even more interesting and get a matching faces t-shirt, or custom faces swimsuit, or even selfie socks then these can all be found HERE! Remember you can completely personalize them with anything you'd like, message us if you have design inquires or if you'd like ideas! 

    So remember to always wear a mask, yet show off that smile!

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