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Custom Face Christmas Doormat

Custom Face Christmas Doormat

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Step into the holiday spirit with a dash of personalized pizzazz! Introducing our Custom Face Christmas Doormat – the key to unlocking the festive fun and spreading joy from the moment your guests arrive.

Crafted with the finest materials, this doormat boasts a wreath design with a twist – it's not your typical evergreen! Picture this: the smiling faces of your loved ones right at your doorstep, nestled in the heart of a merry wreath. It's not just a doormat; it's a jolly welcome committee that's sure to make anyone chuckle.

Looking to gift-wrap laughter and warmth this holiday season? Well, you've found it! The Custom Face Christmas Doormat isn't just a practical addition; it's a quirky, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that transforms your entrance into a festive focal point.

Whether you're aiming to spread holiday hilarity or seeking the perfect present for someone special, this doormat is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Elevate your holiday decor game with a touch of humor – because who knew a doormat could be the life of the party?

Order the Custom Face Christmas Doormat today and let the festivities begin right at your doorstep. After all, 'tis the season to be jolly, and nothing says joy like a face-wreathed welcome mat!


1. PLACE YOUR ORDER (no need to ask for customization)

2. Upload your desired picture - make sure it's high quality! Please have the picture of the person facing forward and have it be high resolution.

3. We will design your item and send you the proof for approval, we will NOT print without your approval unless we do not get it within TWO DAYS. This is because we want our printing to be up to speed so we can get you your products promptly! Please make sure to check back for our messages.

**We will only be able to redesign ONCE, if you want another re-design after it will be an extra charge**

Might have a little bit of streaks by the seems since it's fully printed.

Full Specs:

One size: 24" × 16"

Material: Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber

Black vinyl backing

Anti-slip backing

Mainly for outdoor use

Care instructions:

Place your mat in a covered, weather-protected area such as under an overhang, awning or portico. Do not expose to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Because these mats are made with natural coir fibers, there may be some initial shedding over the first month of use, it can be easily removed by occasionally shaking the mat to get rid of the loose fibers.

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