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Custom Face Necklace

Custom Face Necklace

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Custom Face Necklace - Put Your Face on a Necklace - Funny Necklace - Best Friend Necklace - Funny Best Friend Gift - Custom Face Gift

Do you ever wish you could wear your face or someone you love's face around your neck? Well, now you can! With our custom oval face necklace, you can put your face on a necklace!

This necklace is perfect for people who love to be the center of attention, or for people who just want to have a little fun. It's also a great gift for your best friend to wear your face, or for you to wear your best friend's face!

Top quality! We only make the best!


1. PLACE YOUR ORDER (no need to ask for customization)

2. SEND US YOUR DESIRED PICTURE IN A MESSAGE - make sure it's high quality! Please have the picture of the person facing forward and have it be high resolution. (IF YOU WANT MULTIPLE FACES, WE RECOMMEND A MAX. OF 4 or 5). Please mention if you want a specific style of cropping (ex. just face or "include shirt")

3. We will design your item and send you the proof for approval, we will NOT print without your approval unless we do not get it within TWO DAYS. This is because we want our printing to be up to speed so we can get you your products promptly! Please make sure to check back for our messages.

**We will only be able to redesign ONCE, if you want another re-design after it will be an extra charge**

Might have a little bit of streaks by the seems since it's fully printed.

Please let us know if you have any questions :)

Full Specs:
Pedant: 1"x1.5"
Chain: 20.47"
Ellipse-shaped pendant
White aluminum print surface
Zinc alloy pendant and necklace chain

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